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Maps & Mayhem - the beginning

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

When WashU gives you lemons you make lemonade so… Welcome to our ~Maps & Mayhem~ blog!

First, we’ll explain how all of this came about. We are two seniors at Washington University in St. Louis - Maggie studies History and Art History, Michelle studies Psychology-Neuroscience-Philosophy, Marketing, and Gender Studies. We were both insanely excited for our senior year. We have loved our time at WashU…. But then corona happened and everything was kind of cancelled. Not only that, but we were both abroad when all of corona began (Maggie in Prague and Michelle in Scotland) and had our semester cut in half.

When it seemed like the fall might go virtual, we started thinking about how to salvage a fun semester. Although most people are going to St. Louis, we pictured at fall semester at WashU to be mostly cautious inside with just a few people - not the vibe we go for.

Maggie originally had this idea to road trip around America. Once WashU told us on July 31st that our housing was no longer, we decided, instead of leasing an apartment near WashU, we would use our room and board money to live all around the country instead.

At first, it was kind of a cool thought and nothing more. Then each day it became more real and feasible and we got our parents’ blessing.

This week it has really become real. We made an instagram (@maps.and.mayhem), mapped out a few different paths, brainstormed timing, got a couple people to agree to meet up with us, and just go so excited. With corona, it’s been so long since there was something this exciting to look forward to. We never felt this way about going to St. Louis for the fall and this has become an insanely exciting project with endless possibilities and no real boundaries.

The rough plan is to stay in a somewhat major location from Monday through Thursday while we take our virtual classes and both work part time (Maggie at the “Woodrow Wilson House” museum, Michelle at “Post Acute Recovery”, a startup outpatient addiction treatment company). Then, Friday-Sunday we will make different stops on the way to the next semi-major location.

If you are reading this, keep following our journey and PLEASE give us pointers on where to go, what to eat, activities to do and more! We are open to it all and hope to explore.

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