Follow us on the map!

Below is a map of our travels - where we have been so far and are currently booling around!

Destination List

A. Highlands Ranch, CO (9/1-9/4)

B. Fort Collins, CO (9/4-9/5)

C. Laramie, WY (9/5-9/7)

D. Rapid City, SD (9/7-9/10)

E. Omaha, NE (9/10-9/13)

F. Pella, IA (9/13-9/18) - First week of school!

G. Chicago, IL (9/18-9/22)

H. Shipshewana, IN (9/22-9/25)

I. Casey, IL (9/25-9/27)

J. St. Louis, MO (9/27-10/4)

K. Memphis, TN (10/4-10/11)

L. Nashville, TN (10/11-10/18)

M. Chattanooga, TN (10/18-10/22)

N. Atlanta, GA (10/22-10/25)

O. Savannah, GA (10/25-11/1

P. Singer Island, FL (11/1-11/13)

Q. Biloxi, MS (11/13-11/14)

R. Austin, TX  (11/14-11/20)

S. Midland, TX (11/20-11/21)

T. Roswell, NM (11/21-11/22)

U. Sedona, AZ (11/22-12/6)

V. TBD! (11/22-12/23)